Created A Mobile App Using These Simple Steps

How can artificial intelligence (AI) aid in expedited app development? That’s the topic I’m going to delve into in this video, centered around a native app I recently launched. The most effective approach to acquiring new knowledge is through practical application. I resolved to delve deeper into AI and harness its tools in tandem.

I gained firsthand experience of the functionalities of these tools and how they seamlessly integrate into my development workflow. The outcome? A native mobile app that crafts original bedtime tales for kids based on customizable parameters.

This app leverages the OpenAI API in the backend to produce these stories. However, AI doesn’t merely power the app; it’s intricately woven into every stage of development, from conception to its availability on the App Store.

I refer to this approach as AI-driven development, akin to test-driven development but with the incorporation of AI. If you’re keen on exploring more about web and native development and how AI can enhance your processes, explore the professional courses offered on

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Now, if you’re grappling with app ideas, I highly recommend utilizing ChatGPT to brainstorm. I followed this path initially, seeking general ideas and then delving deeper to uncover niche areas lacking adequate apps.

This approach significantly aided me in refining my initial concept. Simply provide specific prompts like “Give me five unique ideas,” and you’re likely to unearth a gem.

However, perhaps you already have an idea in mind. In that case, you can bypass this step entirely. My concept revolved around an app designed for parents to generate personalized stories for their children, a notion cultivated through discussions with GPT.

Next comes the design phase for your app, typically either costly or lacking if you’re not well-versed in design. But fear not!

We can utilize AI through platforms like, which offers a surreal design journey reminiscent of the matrix. While there’s no straightforward API, you can join their Discord channel to access their image generation rooms.

By typing prompts such as “Imagine a bedtime story app for kids using Figma,” you’ll witness the magic unfold as it generates visuals. Pro tip: Integrate the mid-journey bot into your Discord server for convenience, as I did in the Ionic Academy.

I’ll share the prompts I used, resulting in several generated images. While these initial designs may not be directly applicable, they serve as a foundation for refinement. You can upscale them or explore variations until you reach a suitable design.

This process led me remarkably close to the final screen of my native app, as demonstrated in the comparison. However, before diving into coding, I recommend an intermediate step: utilizing image editing tools like Pixlr to refine the designs.

Finally, for those proficient in design, transitioning from mid-journey to Figma is achievable. Detailed processes are outlined in resources like this video, enabling you to translate your mid-journey designs into comprehensive Figma designs for further development.