Make $100 Day Using Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps (Make Money Online 2024)

நீங்கள் தற்பொழுது உலகின் முதன்மை வலைதளமான தமிழ்ஷோ உடன் இணைந்து உள்ளீர்கள்.நீங்கள் இங்கு உங்களுக்கு பிடித்தமான வீடியோக்களை காண நாங்கள் உத்திராவாதம் .நீங்கள் செய்யவேண்டிய வேலை ஒன்றே ஒன்று தான்.இந்த பக்கத்தில் சுமார் 30-45 நொடிகள் வரை காத்திருக்க வேண்டி வரும்.காரணம் ஒரே நேரத்தில் அதிகப்படியான நமது பயனர்கள் நமது வலைத்தளத்துக்குள் செல்லும் பொழுது நமது வலைத்தளம் சரியாக இயங்க முடியாது.நீங்கள் மெதுவான வேகத்தில் நமது வலைத்தளம் திறப்பதை நீங்கள் முன்பே பார்த்து இருப்பீர்கள்

ஆகவே நாங்கள் இந்த மாதிரி பக்கங்களை நீங்கள் பார்வையிடும் போதும் , ஒரு 30-45 நொடிகள் காத்திருந்து செல்லும் போதும் ஒரே நேரத்தில் பயனர்கள் உள் நுழைவது தடுக்க படுகிறது.நமது வலைத்தளமும் சரியா இயங்க வழிவகை செய்யும்.ஆகவே நீங்கள் முழு ஒத்துழைப்பு தந்து எங்களது சேவையை பயன்படுத்திக்கொள்ளுமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம்

ஒரு 30-45 நொடிகள் காத்திருப்புக்கு பின்பு , உங்களுக்கு தேவையான இடத்திற்கு செல்லும் லிங்க் அதுவாகவே உருவாகும். அதன் பிறகு அதை கிளிக் செய்து செல்லவும்

உங்களுக்கு சந்தேங்கங்கள் அல்லது பிரச்சினைகள் அல்லது சிரமங்கள் ஏதுவாக இருப்பின் எங்களை உடனடியாக எங்களை தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்

தொடர்புக்கு :

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you can make up to $100 per day with Pinterest, and you can leverage the idea on Instagram as well. I will show you how to create your own original content the easy way, how to find the right niche to start right now, how to find products to sell, and make money on autopilot and much more. So let’s dive into the world of make money online.

Okay, let me start by showing you a tutorial on how you can create original content easily, then we can proceed with the next steps. Now I will show you how to create those eye-catching avatar talking videos. We’re going to use Vrbo from Wondershare.

It is an AI video generation app. So check the description for the link, click it, and let’s dive in. After you’ve clicked the link, you will find yourself on this page, and you need to create an account.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll land on this page. And if you want to download the app, simply hover over this icon in the bottom right corner and scan the code. In my case, I will just use the browser version.

Now, to start crafting your video, click on the Generate AI Video Online button. It’ll take you to a page where a whole bunch of speaking avatar options await. Look at them all, ready for different themes, business, formal, casual, you name it.

Some of them are facing the camera, while some are sideways, giving you more options to choose from. You can even filter them by category up here. For this demo, I’m picking Elena.

Now hover over that Create Video button. You’ve got a choice to make landscape or portrait. If you want to create TikTok or YouTube shorts, go for portrait mode.

And now we are in the studio. Let me break it down real quick. Here you’ve got a preview of your final video.

Down at the bottom, you can type in what you want your avatar to say. Over on the right, you can fine-tune the voice settings. And on the left, you can choose your avatar, switch up the background, add text, throw in some stickers, and even spice it up with some music.

You can even adjust the position of the avatar and the subtitles. Speaking about the script, you can use this AI script feature right here to help with the creation of the script. Also, you can use the AI translation feature to translate the script to another language.

I already have a script for this demonstration, so I will just paste it, and it’s time to make the magic happen. All you need to do is to click the Export button. Next, it’ll start generating your video, and you should have it ready in just a couple of minutes.

And there it is. The video is ready to roll. Click on the video window to play it, and as you can see, it says, the figures in this product are all commercially available.

To download the video, simply click Download. Hey, you are watching AmpliCache. Join the Verbo community today and start creating captivating avatar videos in minutes.

All right, so now you know how to create your own content. Let’s proceed with the rest of the tutorial. So the first thing you need to do is find a trending niche that we can start creating content about right now.

To do that, we need to go to Google and type in Pinterest trending topics and hit Search. The first website that shows up is, so click on that, and let’s explore this website real quick. Right here is where you can search for certain keywords that are trending on Pinterest, and right here is the location of the trend.

You can change the targeted location by clicking on it and choosing from the dropdown menu. In my case, I would keep it in the United States, and right here are the current Pinterest trends in the United States for this month, and most of them are related to the Christmas topic, and that makes sense as this gets updated accordingly to the season we are in. Actually, you have to create an account to get the most out of this and later on be able to build the page that you will use to drive a traffic and potentially make a profit from it.

If you don’t know how to create a business Pinterest account, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. You can watch our previous Pinterest tutorial to learn how create a business Pinterest account, so let me log in and we can continue. Alright, after logging in, now we have more insights on the filter section.

We can choose the trend type. In our case, we have the growing trends. We also have the start and end periods of the trend.

At the bottom, we have even more filters like interest, keywords, age, and gender. Right here, we have the keywords, and we have the weekly, monthly, and yearly changes for each one of them, so it’s easy to tell that one of the top trending topics is about nails for Christmas and holidays. Also, we have the Christmas cookies topic.

I’ll take the nails topic as an example, and I’ll head over to Pinterest to complete setting up the business account that I just created for this. Again, you can always refer to the previous video to know how to create a business Pinterest account, and actually, I recommend you watch both tutorials because this one is complementary to the previous method. Because some of you were worried about the fact that you don’t own the video’s content, well, with this one, you will create the videos yourself.

Now, let me set up my business Pinterest page quickly. First, let me give it a name and select the region. In my case, I will keep it in the United States.

Regarding the website, you can link your website, but if you don’t have one, just select, I do not have a website, and click next. After that, it will ask for more details about your business. Choose the answers that fit your preferences, and you can always refer to the tutorial as I mentioned.

After choosing the answers, I will click next. Right here, it will ask how you would like to start. Let’s go with the first choice, which is share ideas.

You will be creating pins, and I will show you how to create original pins that you can publish without any problems, as they will be originally made by you. So, click on that, and then click next. Here is where we can upload our pin and post it.

It is straightforward to do that, but for now, we need a product to sell. Of course, we need a product related to the current trend. There are many places where you can find these products, like ClickBank or Digistore24.

However, not everyone may have accounts or might be facing problems joining them. Of course, we will cover the subject of how to create an account on all these platforms in our affiliate marketing channel, but there are also other ways to find products to sell and get a commission by applying to the directly. We will cover that as well.

For now, I will just share with you this store that I found. It’s about beauty products, and its main focus is nails. So, I think it fits this topic perfectly.

To join the affiliate program, click the link in the description, and you will land on this page. As you can see, it says, earn up to 10% commission for every successful referral. Another thing is on the store.

It mentions free shipping on orders over $98, encouraging customers to make purchases over that amount. So, if the product you sell is worth $100, you can earn up to $10 per sale. If you make up to 10 sales per day, you will be making $100 per day.

To create an account, simply click on Join right here and provide your information. The ones marked by the red asterisk are the must-provided ones, so you can ignore the others. So, just fill in your info to get paid.

Provide your PayPal account address right here. Then, check the terms of use, prove that you’re not a robot, and click Create an Account. And just like that, we have created our affiliate account.

This is your general affiliate link, so you can share this link. If anyone visits the main page of the store and buys anything from it, you will get a 10% commission. For this tutorial, this store is good, but to be more specific, it’s better to focus on one product so you can promote it effectively.

For that, you need a specific referral link to that product, and I’m going to show you how in just a minute. But for now, make sure to go check your inbox and verify your email. Just go to your inbox, open the verification email, and click on the link to get verified.

And like so, now the account has been verified. Let’s go back to the affiliate dashboard. Before I show you how to get the custom referral link to your chosen product, let’s first go back to the store and select a product.

Let’s say I want to promote this product. Click on Select Options, and it will take you to the product page. All you need to do is go to the top, copy the page link, and then go back to the affiliate dashboard.

Select the Marketing Tools section, and paste the page link of your chosen product right here. It will automatically generate your very own affiliate link to that specific product. So now, whenever someone visits this product’s page and makes a purchase, you will get a commission.

Just copy your affiliate link and paste it somewhere safe, like a text document. All right, so now we have our affiliate link and the product to promote and make a commission. Also, we have the Pinterest account we will use to drive traffic.

Now we need a landing page that will be the bridge between the traffic and the offer we are promoting. To create a landing page, there are many options, but for now, I will just create a basic landing page using one of the links in BioBuilders. There are many, but for this tutorial, I will be using a website called Linkstack.

It’s easy to create an account. Just provide the display name you will be using. I recommend choosing the same name as the business Pinterest page or the Instagram account that you are deriving traffic from.

And don’t worry, you can always edit the name later. After logging in, your dashboard will look like this. To edit the name, you can go right here, click on the arrow, and choose Profile.

From here, you can edit your URL link and also the display name. Let me do that. Also, you can add a page description.

Just go to the product and get inspired to put something there. For the logo, I’ve already shared a couple of ways to create logos. For example, you can go to Kittle or Canva, and I have already covered how to use those platforms, so check the description for all the links.

After creating a logo, you can upload it from here, and to save the changes, just click the Save button. You can see it got updated, and now we need to add our affiliate link to our landing page. To do that, click on Add Link, click right here, and from the drop-down menu, choose the website choice.

You can add a custom title if you want. Now, I will just paste my URL link here and then click Save. This is how your landing page will look like.

Hmm, you know what? I will customize it a bit as it looks so basic, even for demonstrating. To change the profile picture, I will click on Appearance. I will just add a referring image, so to do that, I will click on Choose File and browse to the picture I want to upload.

It should be your logo, but in my case, I will just add an image as an example. So, navigate to the image, click OK, and then scroll down and click Save. Now, it looks more appealing.

Now, let me go and customize the landing or the links page. I will first edit the link by clicking on Links and then click this icon to edit the title. I will write something like, Get Glamorous Nails Now, and then click Save.

From the Preview page, you can see how your landing page looks. So, when they visit this page and click here, it will redirect them to the Sales page, and you will get a commission when someone makes a purchase. You can always customize this page by going to the Themes section and selecting another theme that fits the offer you have chosen.

For now, I will just stick to the default one. To get the link to your landing page, simply click on View Page, and it will open your landing page in a new tab. So, whenever someone clicks on this link, it will take them to the Product page, and if they buy the product, you will get a commission, as I mentioned.

And of course, if you want a more professional landing page, you can watch my previous Affiliate Marketing video to learn how to create a landing page and even how to collect emails to increase your chance to make sales. Also, check out our Affiliate Marketing channel, Ampli Commission, where we dive deep into the world of Affiliate Marketing. So, for now, you can just go to Verbo, and in the Video Template section, search for something like Beauty.

It will display all the Beauty templates, and you can change the ratio from here. Choose the one that you like and customize it, as I showed earlier. Once you have a video to share, you can upload it on your Business Pinterest page and Instagram account.

Okay, I think this is enough information to take in, so let’s recap. First, you need to find a trending topic or niche, and then create a Business Pinterest or an Instagram account about that niche. Then, you need to find a product or an offer to promote.

After that, create a landing page and add its link to your bio. Finally, you can use Verbo to create your original content that you can share on Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic and make sales. With that, I hope that you have a clear idea about this method.

You can find all the video resources in the description, and if you have any questions, let me know. And that’s it for today’s video. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button.

Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.